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What Happens If Parents Do Too Much

By Dr. Karyn Gordon
(1) Parents Are Exhausted
Parents will often get exhausted, angry and resentful toward their kids saying comments such as "Look at all that I do for you - can you not just do A, B, C?

(2) Kids / Teens Irritated
Kids / teens often get highly irritated at their parents for being overly involved and often tell their parents to 'back off', which causes massive conflict.

(3) Kid / Teen Attitude of Entitlement
When parents over-function and do too much - this tends to breed an "attitude of entitlement' in kids / teens with them saying comments like "It's your fault I'm late, you didn't wake me up" as they blame their choices on their parents.

(4) Kids / Teens Resist Helping Out
If parents ask their kids / teens to do a little job, often they will show big signs of resistance and seldom show signs of gratitude.

(5) False Self-Esteem
If parents do too much, it often builds 'false self-esteem' in their kids which is a cover up for low self-esteem. One of the best ways for children to build genuine self esteem is to have responsibilities so if parents are doing everything – this opportunity is lost!