Principal's Message

Principal's Welcome Message

Welcome to the St. Augustine School website.

I would like to share a little about our wonderful school community. We are a Catholic faith community committed to learning about God’s message of peace and love through the teachings of Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

St. Augustine Catholic Elementary School is the oldest school in the Hamilton Diocese. It is quaintly, nestled at the bottom of the Sydenham Hill and conveniently located near the heart of vibrant Dundas.

This lovely school community has dedicated and caring staff to help our students grow spiritually, academically and socially. We strive to meet the needs of all our children and give of our time to provide many extra-curricular activities during recesses, lunch hours and after school.

Our students are kind and respectful and each one has unique God-given talents and gifts to share and make this school a great place to work and learn.

Our Catholic school community is blessed to be in such close proximity to a parish. We have a very active parish-school partnership with Father Whitfield and the staff of St. Augustine Parish.
They offer a strong support to our faith commitment and sacramental programs.

St. Augustine School enjoys a supportive partnership with our Catholic School Council working together to achieve our common goals. Parents serve on committees and assist with activities.

Our school prides itself in its promotion of building a community among all the stakeholders. We are very proud of achievements as we continue to strive for excellence and success to be a faith-filled witness of Christ. Our hope is that you will feel the school spirit every time that you walk through our door way.

The staff at St. Augustine is always working hard to better identify our priorities in the various areas so that we can work to meet our goal of excellence in literacy and numeracy as well as the promotion of team building and assessments. We will continue to use data to inform our decision making and develop our Catholic Professional Learning Communities as we continually work to improve student performance. Our goal is to work together with our parent and parish communities to create Catholic Leaders of tomorrow.

On behalf of the entire staff at St. Augustine, I would like to welcome your family to our school. It is of utmost importance that each belongs and we work together to support all our learners while helping to keep our students and school community safe and supported.

Our school motto is: Wisdom, Faith, Loyalty. Let us use the wisdom to strengthen our academics and with one another when making good decisions/choices. Let our faith of the Catholic church and all its teachings guide us including the teachings of St. Augustine who is known as thinker, scholar, writer, bishop, and recognized as a doctor of the church that he continues to guide us in our faith to learn more each day. Let our Loyalty shine towards one another, to our own personal growth and learning, in everything we do within our school and surrounding community. May it be forever supported, constant, and true.

Lastly, children learn best when parents support the works of the school. Catholic Education is a partnership between school, home and church. Let us all work together, in harmony, by supporting one another. Support can come in many ways: communicating regularly, attending school and church events/functions, volunteer, talking to your children about their day at school, talking to your children about our faith, and ensuring that your children are nourished, healthy, rested, and ready to learn.

St. Augustine Catholic Elementary school has a fantastic reputation. Known as the 1st school to be built in the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School board, it also has proved to be a leader in athletics and academics throughout the years. We are very proud of the many accomplishments and changes over the years and will continue to set high standards and strive or excellence and success in all that we do.

I am honored and pleased to be serving as Principal at such a historic school, with delightful, inquisitive students, nurturing, supportive staff, and involved, caring community members all nestled within the heart of the beautiful town of Dundas.

Yours in Christ,

Mrs. J. Cannon,
St. Augustine Catholic Elementary School