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Evan Hewitson Memorial Donation Page

Evan’s story began at a very young age when he suffered complications from meningitis. Evan was confined to a wheelchair, unable to walk, talk or feed himself. Scott and his family have
spent 17 years caring for their son. Their devotion to providing their son the best life possible is nothing short of admirable. Evan was a happy boy who knew just how loved he was by those
around him.

Evan enjoyed his time in the park with his parents and grandparents and could be seen there multiple times a day enjoying the weather and nature. Upon hearing of Evan’s passing, the St.
Augustine community has come together in support of this incredible family. Our hope is to raise enough money to plant a tree (with a plaque dedicated to Evan) in the Dundas Driving Park. This could become a place of remembrance and prayer, not only for our school community, but for Evan’s family as well.

If you are willing or able to donate, it would be greatly appreciated. All funds will be directed to St. Augustine School and will be used for the following:
1) To pay for a tree and plaque to be planted in the Dundas Driving Park
2) Any amount of donations that may be left over will be donated to McMaster Children’s hospital in Evan’s memory.

Please open the attached Evan Hewitson Donation letter for all the details and steps on how to donate.

We thank you in advance,

St. Augustine School Community

Evan Hewitson Memorial Donation Page