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Director’s Awards celebrate student achievements

The format may be different, but this year’s Director’s Awards are still a “big deal,” said Director of Education David Hansen.

Six hundred elementary students – 12 from each of the board’s 50 elementary schools – are being recognized this month for outstanding achievements in academics, service and Stewardship of Creation.

“It’s great that throughout this whole pandemic we are able to continue this recognition of excellence and it’s really important that we celebrate excellence,” said Hansen in a videotaped message to the award recipients.

The student awards program was established many years ago to recognize excellence at the school level. The first, the “Catholic School Mission/Vision” award, is presented to a student who models the virtues of Catholic education, specifically, working for and promoting a more just, caring and peaceful school community. The next award – for Academic Excellence Award – is given to the student who best excels in the overall core areas. The third award, “Excellent Effort in the Pursuit of Learning,” is presented to a student who demonstrates personal responsibility in the pursuit of learning and strives for continuous improvement, while the “Stewardship of Creation/Environmental Award” acknowledges student efforts in creating a greener and more environmentally sustainable school community.

The last award category recognizes academic proficiency in the subject areas of Arts, Religion & Family Life, Language, Science/Technology, Mathematics, Social Studies/History/Geography, Health & Physical Education, and French as a Second Language.

Twelve students from each school will receive awards.

"The awards are not a big deal in themselves – you get a certificate and maybe a picture with your principal – what makes them a big deal is that they are recognition from your principal and your teachers that you are making a difference at your school.”

“You are what’s great about Catholic education,” said Hansen.

Congratulations to all the student award recipients:

Catholic School Mission/Vision:
Sadie Gilbert
Excellent Effort in the Pursuit of Learning: Porshalynn Lawrence
Stewardship of Creation: Goncalo Rodrigues
Academic Excellence: Gabriel Nedelko
Arts: Grey Sepa
French as a Second Language: Gianina Augustus
Health & Physical Education: Mark Wegnerski
Language: Charlotte Paci
Mathematics: Atticus Luciani
Religion & Family Life: Sophia Cekoij
Science/Technology: Mia Oliver
Social Studies/History/Geography: Anna Ptaszek